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March 23, 2017

WIC-1269C Inspection (Whistler) is a bargain at this price


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General description

Whistler’s WIC-1269C inspection camera features a water, gas, oil and diesel evidence camera for use in many vehicle and home repairs.

Compare with similar products:

Ullman Devices (ULLHTK2LT) Rectangular Mirror with Three Rotating Lights vs WIC-1269-C

Ullman’s lighted 2-1/4-by-3-1/2-inch telescoping inspection WIC-1269C mirror with three Rotating LED Lights Telescopes from 6-3/4-to-30-1/4-inches. Its lighted head with three LED Lights that may be adjusted to needed angles for inspection in tight black regions. An all-angle ball joint holds the lighted mirror head firmly for perfect looking at. The stainless steel handle is long, strong, and lightweight for fast correct inspection. The padded handle won’t slip in wet or oily hands. It comes with two CR2032 batteries. In the center of the depression, Robert Ullman invented the 1st Inspection Mirror, while taking a tour of an aircraft plant. He got the idea from watching a mechanic using a crude mirror to look into the inner part of the engine and the rest is history. Over the years, Ullman has broadened their line to include Magnetic Pick-Up Tools, adaptable Spring Claws, Screw Starters, Rotating Magnetic Work Lights, Carbide Scribers, Hooks, Picks, Socket Holders and different other expertise Tools. As they celebrate nearly 80 years, their passion for manufacturing quality tools continues.

Cal-Van Tools 27 Telescoping Mirror

Cal-Van Tools Telescoping Inspection Mirror features a 2 inch x 3 1/2 inch (51 millimeter – 89 millimeter) rectangular mirror. It has a double ball joint that lets the mirror to swivel freely 360 degrees; but it still holds a wanted position. It has a 7 inch insulated handle that extends to 12 inches or 17 inches in in general length.

General Tools 80560 Telescoping LED Lighted Mirror, 360 Swivel for Extra Viewing

The Lighted Telescoping Inspection Mirror from General Tools and Instruments lets you to peer into the black crevices of your work space in search of leaks, breaks or lost tools. The telescoping shaft extends from 12-1/4 Inch all the way to 33 Inch and the shatter-tolerant mirror sits on a 36-inch degree swivel head for correct positioning.

Ullman Devices K-2R Rectangle Replacement Refill Mirror, 2-1/8" x 3-1/2"

The Ullman K-2R Rectangle substitute Refill Inspection Mirror is 2-1/8 X 3-1/2 inches. It’s a substitute mirror for the Ullman Inspection Mirrors K-2 and K-2L. ULLMAN DEVICES was setting the business quality standard since 1935. We’re the worlds leading maker of Inspection Mirrors and Magnetic Pick-Up Tools. Over the years, Ullman has broadened its product line to include Socket Holders, adaptable Spring Claws, Screw Starters, Rotating Magnetic Work Lights, Carbide Scribers, Hooks, Picks and different other expertise Tools. Check out our many groundbreaking tools like the Mega-Mag and Power cap (R) Magnetic Pick-Up Tools. They’re intended to increase lifting power and shield the sides of the magnet from attaching to unwanted metal surfaces. Ullmans new Lighted Inspection Mirrors incorporates LED technology with an inspection mirror. This lets the Tech to use one hand to illuminate, find a problem while using the other hand to work and decrease fix time.

Ullman B-2TM Oval Telescoping Pocket Mirror with Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, 2" Length x 1" Width Mirror, 5-3/4" to 28-1/4"

Oval pocket telescoping inspection mirror. Strong neodymium-iron-boron magnet. All-angle ball joint holds mirror firmly at any angle for perfect looking at. Telescopes from 5-3/4″ to 28-1/4″ for fast correct inspection and to retrieve dropped metal objects in hard to reach regions. Useful pocket clip. Lifts 1-1/2lbs. Mirror measures 2″ length by 1″ width.

digPets Joy Pet Dental Mirror, 6.25-Inch vs Whistler WIC-1269C Inspection pricing

The delight Pet Dental Inspection Mirror Super-useful tool for inspecting your pets mouth but may be used for other projects also – like having a second set of eyes. 1″-diameter real glass mirror for superior clearness; 15-degrees offshoot for improved range 6″ hard steel handle with knurled grip for firm hold with wet hands.

TEKTON 7609 Telescoping Lighted Mirror

Use the TEKTON Lighted Inspection Mirror to help see inaccessible regions. A dual ball joint positions the big 1-1/2 in. By 2-1/2 in. Mirror at any angle. Extend the mirror from 11 inches to 30 inches. Twin LED lights illuminate hidden regions for final visibility. Its comfy molded poly handle with soft, nonslip rubber grip is comfy to use. The shaft is chrome-plated and corrosion-tolerant. LED light uses two CR2032 batteries (included).

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  3. Whistler WIC-3509P Wireless Inspection Camera Kit
  4. Solar Eclipse SE001CAM Wall and Pipe Inspection Camera with 2.4″ Color LCD Monitor
  5. Ridgid 40043 Micro CA-25 Inspection Camera, Red
  6. DEWALT DCT410S1 12V MAX Inspection Camera Kit

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